It’s all protein and plants

Even though I ask myself “WTF can I eat?” every day, I follow it up with “all the other things!” I’m not talking about eating bugs and mold, though to be honest, ants really do taste like lemon and if you’re into cheese and aged steaks, you’re into mold. I recently watched an episode of “Mind of a Chef” where they talk about GASP rotten foods. These were really just foods allowed to age a bit more than what most people use. Because “fresh” is usually considered the epitome of flavor. But letting bananas sit until black and mushy produces a better banana cream pie. Hanging slabs of pork in a tower to dry for weeks to months produces the best prosciutto. Allowing that mold to seep into the milk for weeks produces the richest, complex flavors of cheese.

But this post isn’t about moldy foods. It’s about being adventurous. Sometimes, when we have food allergies and sensitivities, we think of all the foods we CAN’T eat and narrow down our choices. There’s an entire world of food out there if you’re willing to be adventurous. Sure, you may not be use to more exotic foods from other countries but believe me, it’s worth it to try them! It can expand your menu choices and fill up your belly much better than sticking with the same old things.

For instance, did you know orchids are delightful dipped in sweet chili sauce? I found that out yesterday while visiting a Thai place. I love all kinds of Asian cuisine (thank God, because living in Japan would be a nightmare otherwise) and Thai also has many kinds of food I can eat. Rice noodles are gluten-free and fulfill my noodle cravings. Though I ask for some dishes without nuts. I don’t feel like dying for my food, y’all!

Look how beautiful this is! I thought at first they were just trying to pretty up the plate so I asked the server if it was edible. “Oh yes! Dip it!” Excellent suggestion and except for the few my husband ate, I had the whole plate. A bit like cabbage, crunchy and light. I’ve seen squash blossoms and Nasturtiums in the local markets but never knew how to use them. I’ll definitely be looking into more flower eating now. Expanding my palate and menu choices is always a plus.

As my girl Jessica says, “I swear the food there is actual art.” She’s not wrong. I also ordered some spring rolls and the accompanying salad was also decorated with flowers. But these were made of carrots. I have no idea how each one was cut as one solid piece but I’m willing to learn!

So the next time you’re looking for something to eat, don’t pooh-pooh the idea of eating something simply because you haven’t had it before or because it might be weird. Seriously, you’re an adult and no longer a picky 5yo. It’s all plants and protein anyway. If you are really that immature, consider playing airplane and Godzilla with your food and then eat the world! NOM

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