Ways to get extra protein

I’m so grossed out right now. I needed more roughage in my diet and bought some leafy lettuce from the Farmer’s Market down the road to use in tonight’s Vietnamese spring rolls. It’s springtime now and everything is blooming, hatching, or growing. Including the bugs.

Nasty little mites all over my lettuce. It was three heads of it and they were crisp and green so I couldn’t just throw them away. So after a good rinse to get the dead ones off, I threw them in a huge bowl of water with a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and let the bowl sit for 30 minutes. Look at all the meanies. And these didn’t include the ones I rinsed off after the vinegar soak! As Jimmy Fallon says, “EW.”

GROSS! Look, I tell others when they find snails or what-have-you in their produce that it means the farmer didn’t use harsh chemicals. It means the produce is also really fresh from the field or garden. Yes, bugs are a delicacy, sometimes a necessity, in the rest of the world, but there are better ways of getting protein than adding crunchy 4 legged bits to my salad. Gimme diced bacon any day! Look at this beady-eyed little nasty:

Anyone else having an issue with produce this time of year?

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